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Shiva NeelKanth Ganesha Family Wooden Plates



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    Features and Details of Shiva NeelKanth Ganesha Family Wooden Plates:

    1. Exquisite Craftsmanship: Each plate is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, showcasing intricate details and fine artistry.

    2. Premium Quality Wood: Made from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and longevity. The natural grain of the wood adds to the aesthetic appeal of the plates.

    3. Divine Depictions: Depicts the revered Hindu deities - Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya, and Nandi the bull, in stunning detail.

    4. NeelKanth Depiction: Features Lord Shiva as NeelKanth, with his throat depicted in blue, symbolizing his act of consuming poison during the churning of the ocean.

    5. Spiritual Significance: Represents the divine familial bond within Hindu mythology, serving as a reminder of devotion, love, and spirituality.

    6. Versatile Use: Can be used as decorative pieces for home altars, temples, or as wall hangings, adding a touch of elegance and spirituality to any space.

    7. Ideal Gift: Perfect for gifting on religious occasions, housewarmings, weddings, or as a token of appreciation for loved ones.

    8. Various Sizes and Designs: Available in a range of sizes and designs to suit different preferences and decor styles.

    9. Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean and maintain, requiring only occasional dusting to preserve their beauty.

    10. Cultural Heritage: Represents the rich cultural heritage of India and the profound symbolism associated with Hindu mythology.

    These Shiva NeelKanth Ganesha Family Wooden Plates are not just decorative items but embodiments of spirituality and reverence, inviting individuals to connect with the divine presence in their lives.

    Product Description:

    Shiva NeelKanth Ganesha Family Wooden Plates are exquisite pieces of art that showcase the divine familial bond within Hindu mythology. Crafted with precision and care, these wooden plates depict Lord Shiva, his consort Goddess Parvati, their sons Ganesha and Kartikeya, and their vahana (vehicle) Nandi the bull, all intricately carved or painted onto the surface. Each plate serves as a symbol of reverence and spirituality, capturing the essence of devotion and familial love in Hindu culture. The portrayal of Shiva as Neelkanth, with his throat colored blue from drinking the poison during the churning of the ocean, adds a profound depth to these pieces. These wooden plates not only serve as decorative items but also as objects of meditation and prayer, inviting individuals to connect with the divine energies embodied by the members of the Shiva NeelKanth Ganesha Family. Crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail, they stand as timeless representations of faith and tradition.

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